weast productions is an established, independent TV production company specialising in cutting-edge news reports as well as in feature stories, exclusive investigations and documentaries.

committed to high-quality journalism, weast approaches contemporary and neglected issues from unexpected angles. drawing on current events, we focus on witness accounts and concrete experiences to reveal the unique stories behind humankind's collective destinies.

our ENG/EFP mobile camera crews are available on request to meet all your requirements. we are trained to carry out assignments around the world and in hostile environments. field editing guaranteed.

turn to our experienced team for professional and innovative coverage of the Middle East, the Arab World, Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan and many other countries.

Postcards from Greece
A Weast Productions documentary from Greece.
How many minutes.
How many minutes are three years of war. Weast TV on the Syrian war.
Weast Productions is currently in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine.

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